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Conference Committee Activity SF5289 (2024)

Note: The first bill listed is the bill that has been passed by both the House and Senate, the second is its companion.

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Bills in Conference Committee

  • Gun trafficking investigations and firearm seizures report required by Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Violent Crime Enforcement Teams, trigger activator definition amended, and transferring firearms to persons who are ineligible to possess firearms penalties increased.
  • Transportation policy bill.
  • Failure to disclose mandatory fees in advertising added as a deceptive trade practice.
  • School Resource Officers; public safety provided, grounds for use of reasonable force in schools modified, school resource officer duties defined and minimum training requirements established, school resource officer model policy development required, and money appropriated.
  • Environment and natural resources supplemental budget bill.
  • Higher education policy and finance bill.
  • Outdoor heritage legacy finance bill.
  • Transfer care specialist registration established, behavior analysts licensure established, veterinary technician and veterinary institutional license established, veterinary supervision provisions modified, specialty dentist licensure and dental assistant licensure modified, physician assistant additional collaboration requirements removed, social worker provisional licensure modified, guest licensure established for marriage and family therapists, pharmacy provisions modified, and money appropriated.
  • Cannabis; Office of Cannabis Management and the Department of Health appropriations modified, cannabis provisions modified, Department of Commerce assessed fees modified, consumer protection provisions added and modified, Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act established, rulemaking authorized, data classified, technical changes made, reports required, and money appropriated.
  • Elections policy and finance bill.
  • Judiciary, public safety, and corrections supplemental budget bill.
  • Education supplemental budget bill.
  • Transportation supplemental budget bill.
  • Taxation and state government operations; various provisions modified, and money appropriated.
  • Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act
  • Residential housing tenant and landlord provisions modifications
  • Omnibus Education policy bill
  • Omnibus Labor and Industry policy bill
  • Omnibus Commerce policy bill
  • Omnibus Human Services policy bill
  • Single-metered utility service in residential buildings regulations and provisions modifications
  • Omnibus Health and Human Services supplemental appropriations and policy provisions
  • Omnibus Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Utilities, Environment and Climate supplemental appropriations
  • Omnibus Jobs, Economic Development, supplemental appropriations
  • Omnibus Human Services supplemental appropriations

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Bills in Conference Committee (2024)