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Conference Committee Activity HF3489 (2024)

Note: The first bill listed is the bill that has been passed by both the House and Senate, the second is its companion.

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Bills in Conference Committee

  • Transportation; various policies modified, including but not limited to motor vehicles, driving rules, accident reporting requirements, child passenger restraint requirements, roadable aircraft, legislative routes, drivers' licenses and exams, excavation notices, and greater Minnesota transit; criminal penalties established; prior appropriations modified; technical changes made; reports required; and money appropriated.
  • School Resource Officers; public safety provided, grounds for use of reasonable force in schools modified, school resource officer duties defined and minimum training requirements established, school resource officer model policy development required, and money appropriated.
  • Higher education; policy and technical changes made to higher education provisions including student sexual misconduct, student aid, student supports, and institutional registration and contract provisions; allowable uses for appropriations modified; and reports required.
  • Elections; campaign finance provisions policy and technical changes provided, including elections administrations, campaign finance and lobbying, and census and redistricting; Minnesota Voting Rights Act established; deep fake use to influence elections crime modified; and reports required.
  • Omnibus Education policy bill
  • Omnibus Labor and Industry policy bill
  • Omnibus Commerce policy bill
  • Omnibus Human Services policy bill

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Bills in Conference Committee (2024)