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Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Legislature

What public spaces are available in the Capitol, the State Office Building, and the Minnesota Senate Building?

If you'd like to reserve a room, please use the Capitol Complex Reservations page. In the Capitol building, there are meeting rooms for the public on the third floor. You can drop in to the Public Business Center in room 318. There are other rooms that you can reserve on that floor including: Cass Gilbert Library Room (317A), or conference rooms (309A, 316, 317, 317B). The G20A conference room is on the ground floor and is reservable. The press conference room in the Capitol is Room B971. For questions about access to Capitol spaces contact the Department of Administration at 651-201-2300.

If you would like to reserve a Senate hearing room, please fill out the Request for Use of Senate Facilities form. Contact the Senate Sergeant at Arms at 651-296-0866 with any questions.

The State Office Building is temporarily closed due to construction. You would usually contact the House room scheduler at 651-296-0306 to reserve a House hearing room.

If you’re looking for available space to work without a reservation, you can use the Public Business Center in room 318 in the Capitol or the Legislative Reference Library in room 321 Capitol. In the Minnesota Senate Building, there are many chairs throughout the hallways or you can drop by the Legislative Reference Library on the 3rd floor.

See also the FAQ: Who do I contact to schedule an event at the Capitol?