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Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Legislature

How many people work for the Legislature and what are their salaries?

As of February 2023, the House of Representatives had a staff complement of 253 permanent positions. The Senate's full complement is 206 permanent staff members. In addition, the House and Senate employed temporary staff during the legislative session. The joint offices, including the Office of the Legislative Auditor, the Revisor of Statutes, the Legislative Reference Library, and the joint commissions, employed 170 full-time and 11 temporary employees.

There are partisan and non-partisan jobs available in both the House and the Senate. Each caucus in the House and Senate employs partisan staff to work for representatives and senators, meet constituent requests, provide media services, and administer committees. The following non-partisan offices exist in both houses: public information, television services, publications, indexes, journals, clerks, pages, research, legal counsel, and fiscal services.

Since legislative employees work for the state, the salaries for those positions are public information. You can obtain salary information from House Budget & Accounting (651-296-4281), Senate Fiscal Services (651-296-2339), or the Legislative Coordinating Commission Fiscal Service Office (651-296-1121).