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Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Legislature

How do I get a copy of the red book, green book, and blue book? What are the differences between each of the publications?

The green and red member directories are joint publications of the Minnesota House and Senate. The green book, or Members Directory, is published near the beginning of the first year (odd year) of a biennial legislative session - usually in February. It contains pictures, biographical information, committee assignments, and contact information for all 134 representatives and 67 senators. It also lists key House and Senate staff and certain joint offices. The red book, the Official Directory of the Minnesota Legislature, is published during the second year (even year) of the biennium. It contains additional information, such as the permanent rules of both the House and the Senate, joint rules, and statutory and constitutional provisions relating to the Legislature.

Green and red books are available at the House Public Information Services in Room 175, State Office Building, 651-296-2146, and Senate Information Office, Room 231, State Capitol, 651-296-0504. Limited copies are mailed.

The blue book or Minnesota Legislative Manual, is published by the Secretary of State's Office. It includes detailed information about the three branches of government, constitutional officers, and election statistics for certain offices over the state's history, as well as detailed information from the most recent election. The blue book also contains the state constitution and a history of proposed constitutional amendments.

Copies of the blue book are available to the public, free of charge, in Room 180, State Office Building, or call 651-215-1440 to order one. Most manuals, back to 1860, are also available electronically.