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Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Legislature

Are there legislator contact lists? Can I send a bulk email to all legislators?

There is a printable PDF roster of current members, which shows House and Senate Legislators' room numbers and phone numbers.

To find additional contact information, including downloadable lists, please see the House member information page and the Senate member information page. On each page, additional contact information for individual members is available by clicking on their name. There are links to downloadable lists of contact information for all members in Excel or CSV (which can open as an Excel spreadsheet) documents in the member information section in the right-hand column.

There is not a bulk email list available for Minnesota legislators. While email is an effective way to contact your representative or senator, it is best to address your concerns to the legislators that represent you.

You can use the Who Represents Me? page from Geospatial Information Services to find out who your elected officials are based on your address. Every member of the Legislature has an email address based on the member's name. For example, Representative Jane Doe's email address is Senator John Doe's email address is

To find out a specific member's email address, you can look several places. The House and Senate websites have pages for each member that includes his or her email address (Members of the House of Representatives and Minnesota Senators). The Official Directory of the Minnesota Legislature (often referred to as "the red book") and the Members Directory ("the green book") contain contact information, including email addresses, for all legislators. To receive a free copy of the red or green book, or to ask for a member's email address, call either House Public Information Services at 651-296-2146 or Senate Information at 651-296-0504.