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Prescription Drug Reform
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Prescription Drug Reform


"Americans pay more for prescription medicine than the rest of the world. The price differential puts prescription medicine out of reach for too many people. The current situation is unfair and cannot continue." – Governor Tim Pawlenty

Health care costs in Minnesota and throughout the United States are increasing at alarming rates; the soaring price of prescription drugs is a significant contributing factor. Every month Minnesotans are forced to choose between paying for essential items, such as rent, groceries and clothing, and buying prescription medicine. The state has broken ground on a prescription medicine plan to help individuals control the spiraling costs of medicine and explore a long-term approach to bring change to the U.S. prescription medicine market.

Minnesotans deserve information and access to affordable prescription medications. This website was created to provide Minnesotans information on issues related to prescription medicine, safety and cost-saving tips, and programs to help low-income Minnesotans pay for prescription medications.

At the direction of Governor Tim Pawlenty, the Department Human Services (DHS), with the assistance of the Department of Administration, launch RxConnect, providing information about the issues surrounding affordable prescription medicines and information about ordering prescription medicines through Canadian pharmacies featured on the website.

Minnesota’s RxConnect website allows Minnesotans to gather the information they need to safely import prescription medications from Canada and the U.K. Visit the RxConnect website to learn more.



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