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Clean Water Cabinet

More so than any other state, the quality and quantity of water in Minnesota is central to our way of life.  It helps define who we are and what we value.” – Governor Tim Pawlenty

The Governor's Clean Water Cabinet was established by Governor Pawlenty in 2003. The mission of the cabinet is to protect Minnesota water from present and future threats; ensure safe water to sustains healthy communities; keep an accurate and realistic picture of the "state of our waters" so that citizens and policy-makers are able to respond effectively and appropriately to meet new threats; and work aggressively to restore those water that have been causalities of society's great progress.

Minnesotans place a high value on their water resources. Water provides jobs, drives quality of life, supports fish and wildlife, and is the cornerstone of a $10 billion a year tourism industry. Simply put water quality and quantity are central to our success as a state. 

Despite their importance, Minnesota waters face increasing pressure from development, pollution, exotic species and growing demands for drinking water. How we protect our water resources today will determine whether Minnesota remains prosperous in the future.


The Clean Water Cabinet has projects in four key areas of the state: the Red River Valley, North-Central Minnesota Lakes, Southeastern Minnesota and the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Each area has unique water management needs and it is the cabinet's goal to work in concert with local officials and other partners to get the results people want and need.

On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront is a periodic newsletter of the Governor's Clean Water Cabinet. The newsletter provides up to date information on cabinet meeting discussions and key water policy issues of the state. Click here to read the latest issue.

You can contact the Clean Water Cabinet at


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