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 1   1   (1)   Disaster assistance; flood loss aid and property tax relief provided, cash flow and other budgetary adjustments made, bonds issued, and money appropriated for flood and tornado relief.   10/18/10   10/18/10       
 Resolution 4   1680   (1135)   Minnesota legislature resolved to apologize on behalf of citizens of the state to all persons with mental illness and development and other disabilities who have been wrongfully committed to state institutions.   5/18/10   5/25/10       
 Resolution 3   (2112)   1778   Resolution urging congressional opposition of enactment of proposed optional federal insurance charter legislation.   5/18/10   5/27/10       
 Resolution 2   (353)   445   Resolution to support the Lake of the Woods water sustainability foundation water quality question.   5/18/10   5/25/10       
 399   3492   (3222)   State bond proceeds previous appropriations clarification and modification.   5/18/10   5/25/10       
 398   2227   (1880)   Minnesota Innovation and Research Council.   5/18/10      5/27/10    
 397   (2754)   2471   Campaign finance reporting provisions and independent disclosure provisions modification.   5/18/10   5/27/10       
 396   (3055)   2908   State-County Results, Accountability and Service Delivery Reform Act modifications; physical education academic standards requirement; ect.   5/18/10   5/25/10       
 395   3329   ( )   Charter school aid payment schedule modified.   5/18/10   5/25/10       
 394   2859   (2567)   Nursing facility rate provisions modified.   5/18/10   5/25/10       

Veto Messages:


Chapter 182 (GAMC)
Chapter 189 (Omnibus bonding bill line-item veto)
Chapter 284
Chapter 291
Chapter 312
Chapter 322
Chapter 335
Chapter 340

Chapter 341
Chapter 345
Chapter 347 (line-item veto)
Chapter 353
Chapter 355 
Chapter 360
Chapter 361
Chapter 362 (line-item veto)
Chapter 367
Chapter 381

Chapter 386
Chapter 387
Chapter 389
Chapter 390
Chapter 398

Letter Messages:

Resolution 4


Chapter 37 (Omnibus environment and natural resources bill line-item veto)
Chapter 39 (Omnibus economic development and housing appropriations)
Chapter 47 (Cocoa bean shell mulch retail sellers warning sign posting requirement bill)
Chapter 77 (Tax bill)
Chapter 78 (Omnibus Economic Development bill line-item veto)
Chapter 79 (Omnibus health and human services finance bill line-item veto)
Chapter 81 (Local government rent control provision modification bill)
Chapter 93 (Omnibus bonding bill line-item veto)
Chapter 94 (Omnibus Agriculture and veterans affairs bill line-item veto)
Chapter 95 (
Omnibus higher education appropriations line-item veto)
Chapter 99 (First class cities major political party caucuses privileges application bill veto)
Chapter 100 (Continuing appropriations for state agencies bill veto)
Chapter 103 (Homeowners permitted to recover certain damages incurred due to faulty construction bill veto)
Chapter 104 (Home owner warranty claims statute of repose adjusted bill veto)
Chapter 112 (Homeowners provided with a longer period within which to notify contractors of construction defects bill veto)
Chapter 116 (Civil rights restoration notice requirements bill veto)
Chapter 121 (Paint stewardship pilot program; used architectural paint collection and processing bill veto) 
Chapter 127 (Reverse mortgage provisions modifications bill veto)
Chapter 133 (Voter registration of applicants for a driver's license instruction permit or identification card provided bill veto)
Chapter 135
 (Dissemination and calculation of the state unemployment rate regulated and use of funds authorized bill veto)
Chapter 136 (Statutory housing warranties recovery for breaches regulated bill veto)
Chapter 140 (Homeowner notice requirements modified bill veto)

Chapter 143 (Environment and natural resources appropriations bill line-item veto)
Chapter 151 (Omnibus transit and transportation policy bill veto)
Chapter 154 (Mortgage foreclosure proceedings on homestead property mediation bill veto)
Chapter 162 (Omnibus elections provision bill veto)
Chapter 164 (School harassment, bullying, intimidation, hazing and violence policy clarification bill veto)
Chapter 166 (Medical use of marijuana bill veto)
Chapter 172 (Omnibus cultural and outdoor resources finance bill line-item veto)
Chapter 179 (Omnibus tax bill veto)

Letter Messages:

Chapter 96



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