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Retention Policy

Revised by LNET Group, January 2009

Materials which populate the legislative website are considered unofficial documents and as such are not subject to Minnesota Statute 15.17 which governs responsibilities of "public officers" with regard to the preservation of official records. Policies made regarding Web materials are designed to provide access and to manage the site, not to maintain an official archival record.

With the exception of the materials noted below, the working committee suggests that each site which is providing materials to the common legislative site make retention decisions regarding their primary materials. All site managers should review the materials being provided to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information being provided. In addition, when reports are added to the website, site managers are encouraged to indicate the approximate length of time they will be remain available on the site.

Suggested Retention Periods

Statutes, Laws and Rules
Minnesota statutes Keep the most current only. For older statutes, please see the statutes archive.
Session laws 1849 - present.
New laws 1993 - present.
Act summaries 1999 - present.
Minnesota rules Keep the most current only.
Bills/bill status (House, Senate) 1995 - present.
Bill tracking Keep current biennium.
Bill summaries (House, Senate) 1999 - present.
Conference committee reports 1996 - present.
Unofficial engrossments 1996 - present.
House Information
Member information
Leadership information
Calendar for the day
General register
Committee information
Reports of standing committees
House rules
Joint rules
Keep the most current only.
Journals 1994 - present.
House audio and video of committee proceedings, floor debates and other coverage Audio: Committee meetings 2004 - present.
Floor sessions: 2000 - present.
Video: 1998 - present.
Committee schedules 2000 - present.
Introduction/First reading 1997 - present.
Press releases 2002 - present.
Senate Information
Member information
Leadership information
Consent calendar
Daily schedules
General orders
Committee information
Committee schedules
Reports of standing committees
Introduction/First reading
Senator demographics
Senate rules
Joint rules
Keep the most current only.
Journals 1995 - present.
Senate audio and video of committee proceedings, floor debates and other coverage Audio: 2005 - present.
Video: 2001 - present.
Session Weekly (House) 1995 - present.
Senate Briefly 1995 - 2009.
House Research Department publications Only the most recent copies of publications will be indexed on the web site; the Legislative Library has older versions archived on its server.
Reports required by the Legislature: online since 2003; older reports available via the Legislative Library catalog Keep indefinitely.
Just In: A monthly selection of new Library acquisitions Two years online; earlier years in paper.
General information
Minnesota Constitution Current.
Minnesota government historical information Keep indefinitely.
Minnesota issues guides Current guides updated as necessary; obsolete guides kept in paper only.