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Conference Committee Activity 2022

Note: The first bill listed is the bill that has been passed by both the House and Senate, the second is its companion.

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Bills in Conference Committee

  • Disaster recovery loan program modified; drought relief loan funding increased; funding provided for drought relief grants and other financial assistance for eligible farmers; financial assistance provided to municipalities, townships, and tribal governments for increasing water efficiency in public water supplies; grants provided for planting shade trees and purchasing tree-watering equipment; financial assistance provided to replace drought-killed seedlings; and money appropriated.
  • Omnibus tax bill.
  • Environment and natural resources trust fund funding provided, extensions provided, and money appropriated.
  • Omnibus higher education finance and policy bill.
  • Omnibus state government finance bill.
  • Omnibus education finance bill.
  • Omnibus agriculture and housing bill.
  • Omnibus public safety policy and supplemental appropriations
  • Unemployment insurance trust fund loan repayment and replenishment; Frontline worker payments; appropriating money
  • Omnibus Liquor Bill
  • Minnesota premium security plan operation extension and money transfer; requiring certain additional coverage under health plans; appropriating money
  • Omnibus environment policy and supplemental appropriations
  • Omnibus jobs, energy and commerce policy and supplemental appropriations
  • Omnibus health and human services policy and supplemental appropriations
  • Senate District 15, 16, and 58 house of representatives district boundaries adjustment; Senate District 15 and 16 boundaries adjustment

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Bills in Conference Committee (2022)