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Electronic Real Estate Recording Task Force

2004 Legislative Report


Appendix A ERERTF Membership List

Appendix N CRV Schema Changes

Appendix B - ERERTF Authorized Standards

Appendix O Schema Version Control Documentation

Appendix C - 2003 Legislation

Appendix P SKYTEK Contract for Schema Compliance Work - 1st Contract Amendment

Appendix D ERERTF Announcement of First e-Recording

Appendix Q Approach - Report Template - Work Plan for Schema Compliance Contract

Appendix E Considerations Matrix v.2

Appendix R Schema Enhancement Recommendations

Appendix F- Letter from MISMO Regarding e-Mortgage Schema

Appendix S SKYTEK Contract for Schema Enhancement Work

Appendix G Summary of e-Mortgage Status

Appendix T Project Plan and Task Detail for Schema Enhancement Contract

Appendix H Pilot County Evaluation Criteria 

Appendix U Detailed Cost Estimates for Phase II Pilots

Appendix I Pilot Testing Measurements with Baseline Items

Appendix V Task Force Meeting Minutes and Proposed Language

Appendix J Pilot Status Report Template

Appendix W Arcanvs Patent Language

Appendix K Invoice and Payment Terms Template

Appendix X Kinney and Lange Contract for Patent Opinion

Appendix L Pilot County Status Reports and Findings To Date Appendix Y ERERTF Comments Regarding NCCUSL Draft
Appendix M Deed and Assignment of Mortgage Schema Changes






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