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Judicial Appointments

The Minnesota Commission on Judicial Selection is created for the purpose of soliciting judicial candidates, evaluating applicants and recommending nominees to the Governor for appointment. It will fill vacancies that occur within district courts and any vacancies that occur during the term of a judge for the Workers Compensation Court of Appeals.  The Commission has 49 members. 27 are appointed by the Governor and 22 are appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court.  9 of these members are appointed at large to consider vacancies within every judicial district. Of these 9 members, at least 3 must be non-attorneys.  4 members are appointed to represent each of Minnesota’s 10 judicial districts. Of these 4 members, there must be at least 2 non-attorneys.   Each member of the Commission is appointed to a 4 year term that ends at the conclusion of the Governor’s term.

 The Commission is governed by 2016 Minnesota Statutes 480B

Commission Members

For a list of members on the Minnesota Commission on Judicial Selection, click here.

Outline of Application Procedures for District Court Judgeship.

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