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A welcome letter from Governor Mark Dayton

For generations, Minnesota has been powered by ideas. We are a state of inventors, pioneers, bright minds and determined, hard workers.

These are hard times, but in our history we've faced graver dangers, more difficult challenges, under worse conditions and with fewer resources than we do today.

Now it's our turn, our challenge, and our responsibility. Now is the time for us to summon our best, to be our best, to do our best. It won't be easy. There will be tough choices ahead. But together we will get Minnesota working again and build a better future for all Minnesotans.

We have three top priorities, and we invite you to work with us to achieve them.

1. To bring more jobs to Minnesota.
2. To balance the State Budget fairly.
3. To improve government services.

Let's get Minnesota working again - by working together.

We consider this website a virtual front door to our office. We welcome your ideas, your suggestions, and your personal commitment to building a better Minnesota.



Mark Dayton Yvonne Prettner Solon
Governor Lieutenant Governor

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