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Unsession Delivers 1,200 Ways to Make Government Work Better

5/27/2014 10:14:43 AM


Governor Dayton, IRRRB Commissioner Tony Sertich, and Pollution Control Commissioner John Linc Stine discuss the Unsession at a state Capitol news conference.

During the 2014 Unsession, Governor Mark Dayton and the Legislature successfully enacted nearly 1,200 ways to make state government work better. These reforms - both large and small - will make state government work better, faster, and smarter for the Minnesota citizens and businesses it serves.

From making taxes simpler, to streamlining the permitting process for businesses, to eliminating unnecessary and outdated laws, the Dayton Administration delivered on its promise to make meaningful reforms that will improve the lives of Minnesotans. The Unsession also included the state's first-ever /governor/assets/EO-14-07_tcm1055-100718.pdfPlain Language executive order, which requires all state agencies to communicate in clear, concise language that Minnesotans can easily understand.

"This year's Unsession was a phenomenal success," said Governor Dayton. "Working together, we revised, reduced, or eliminated nearly 1,200 outdated laws and cumbersome regulations. I commend the Legislature for their work, and I thank Commissioner Tony Sertich and members of my cabinet for leading this important effort."

The Unsession /governor/assets/2014_05_17_unsession_statute_reduction_tcm1055-100733.pdfeliminated unnecessary and outdated laws that defied common sense. The Unsession eliminated telegraph regulations, repealed a law that made it a misdemeanor to carry fruit in an illegally sized container, eliminated state statutes that make phone bills long and confusing, and eliminated a 75-year-old law that made it illegal to drive in neutral.

In addition to eliminating the ridiculous, the Governor and the Legislature also worked together to pass bipartisan reforms that cut red tape. Below are examples of how the Unsession will benefit all Minnesotans.

/governor/assets/2014_05_17_unsession_plain_language_tcm1055-100734.pdfMaking Sense of State Government. This March, Governor Dayton signed an Executive Order directing all state agencies to use commonly-used language, write in clear and concise sentences, and present information in a format that is easy-to-understand for Minnesotans. Since signing that Executive Order, thousands of state employees have received Plain Language training and numerous Plain Language projects are underway across the administration.

/governor/assets/2014_05_17_unsession_permitting_reform_tcm1055-100735.pdfImproving Efficiency, Reducing Wait Times. Because of major reforms implemented by the Dayton Administration in 2011, 97 percent of all job-creating business permits are approved by state agencies in less than 150 days. This session, the Governor signed new legislation reducing those wait times for most businesses to just 90 days. An estimated 11,000 of the 15,000 permit requests the state receives from businesses each year are expected to be completed within the new 90-day goal.

/governor/assets/2014_05_17_unsession_simpler_taxes_tcm1055-100736.pdfMaking Taxes Simpler. New tax cuts signed into law by Governor Dayton are saving taxpayers time and money. Aligning state tax law with new federal credits and deductions for students, families, and seniors has made taxes simpler for more than one million middle class Minnesotans.

/governor/assets/2014_05_17_unsession_statute_reduction_tcm1055-100733.pdfCleaning Up the Books. State government agencies are responsible for implementing, interpreting, and enforcing thousands of pages of Minnesota laws. But many of those pages were filled with outdated, unenforceable laws, and technical jargon that was nearly impossible to understand. To make government easier to understand, this session Governor Dayton and the Legislature eliminated over 1,100 obsolete, redundant, and incomprehensible statutes.

More information about the Unsession provisions signed into law by Governor Dayton are available his website at

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