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Over 600 Road and Bridge Improvements Funded by Governor’s Proposal

2/17/2015 10:14:43 AM

2,200 miles of roadways and 330 bridges would be repaired or replaced statewide

Governor Dayton and Transportation Comissioner Zelle announce the more than 600 projects that would be funded under the Governor's plan

ST. PAUL, MN - Governor Mark Dayton and Transportation Commissioner Charlie Zelle today released a detailed list of more than 600 road and bridge improvements that would be completed if the Legislature passes the Governor's proposed investments in transportation. /governor/assets/transportation_county_projects_fact_sheet_tcm1055-100689.pdfThe comprehensive list, sorted by county, details the more than 2,200 miles of state roadways and 330 bridges that would be repaired, replaced, or expanded over the next ten years under the Governor's proposal.

"Minnesotans rely on these roads and bridges every day to get to work, bring their kids to school, and get their goods to market," said Governor Dayton. "If we fail to act, the condition of these roads and bridges will only get worse. I urge all Minnesotans to review this list of projects and decide for themselves whether these investments are worth making."

Road and bridge improvements funded by the Governor's proposal are urgently needed. Right now, more than half of Minnesota's roads are more than 50 years old, and 40 percent of the state's bridges are more than 40 years old. In just the next three years alone, one in five Minnesota roads will pass their useful life. And in the next ten years, nearly 40 percent of our roads will be past their useful life.

"After decades of decline, Governor Dayton's transportation proposal would make needed investments in roads and bridges across Minnesota," said Commissioner Zelle. "The Governor's proposal would help reduce travel times, improve safety, and build a modern transportation system that would meet the needs of our state's growing population and economy."

Projects included in the list released today are based on the recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). In selecting pavement and bridge improvements, MnDOT gave priority to projects that would extend the life of roadways and bridges beyond the current 20-year State Highway Investment Plan (MnSHIP). MnDOT used the following criteria to select the projects included in the list released today:

  • Fixing Roads in Urgent Need of Repair - Priority was given to projects that would reduce the total miles of roadway statewide that have no remaining service life (meaning they are in very poor condition, and in need of repair). Over the next ten years, roughly 4,370 miles of roadway on the state system will have zero remaining service life.

  • Making Longer-Term Fixes on Currently-Planned Projects - Instead of just making temporary fixes that would need to be repaired again in just a few years, this list of projects includes upgrades of currently-planned projects to make sure those repairs last longer, and would extend the useful life of more Minnesota roadways.

  • Preventing Problems Before They Happen - Projects were included in the list released today that would provide for preventive maintenance that would reduce the need to do longer-term work in the near future. By preventing further deterioration, these new investments would forego the need to perform costlier fixes down the road.

  • Strategic Expansion - The list also includes projects that make targeted investments in key freight routes across Minnesota that are important for business expansions, job creation, and economic development.
    The list of projects released today includes $1.6 billion in new Corridors of Commerce funding that would be provided under the Governor's proposal. These funds would be used specifically on projects that would strengthen Minnesota's transportation system by adding capacity, reducing congestion, and improving the movement of freight across Minnesota.

  • Local road improvement projects - funded with help from the state, but chosen by local governments - are not included on the list released today. Over 40 percent of the new revenues raised in the Governor's proposal ($2.356 billion) would be directed to cities, counties, and townships; giving local leaders the resources and flexibility to repair and replace roads and bridges statewide. These new investments would add hundreds of additional road and bridge improvements in communities across Minnesota.

About Governor Dayton's Transportation Proposal
Several weeks ago, Governor Dayton proposed a straightforward, honest solution to fix Minnesota's aging transportation systems. The Governor's plan would invest $6 billion over the next ten years to address the state's highway funding deficit, invest $2.356 billion in local government transportation projects, and provide $2.92 billion for Metro and Greater Minnesota transit systems. To learn more about his proposal, click on the links below:

/governor/assets/transportation_county_projects_fact_sheet_tcm1055-100689.pdfList of Projects - Review the list of projects - released today by the Governor and MnDOT - that would be completed over the next ten years if the Governor's transportation proposal is passed

News Release - Read the news release from the Governor's transportation proposal announcement

/governor/assets/transportation_plan_fact_sheet_tcm1055-100690.pdfHow it Works - Read about how the plan would be funded

/governor/assets/transportation_overview_fact_sheet_tcm1055-100692.pdfFact Sheet - Get all the facts on the challenges facing our transportation system, and how the Governor's proposed investments would address those challenges

/governor/assets/transportation_investments_snapshot_tcm1055-100694.pdfLocal Funding Increases - Learn how much funding each city and county would receive under the Governor's transportation proposal

/governor/assets/transportation_maps_tcm1055-100691.pdfMaps - Take a look at the transportation projects that would be funded, by region

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