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“You can achieve the American dream if you believe in the beauty of your dream:” Mac’s Story

12/5/2016 3:57:12 PM

Governor Dayton and Intern Mac Nwachukwu

For many students and other Minnesotans, an internship can be an important first step in starting a new career. For Mac Nwachukwu, a Communications Intern with the Office of Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Tina Smith, it was also a chance to give thanks. 

Nwachukwu, who immigrated to Minnesota from Nigeria nine years ago, read a letter to Governor Dayton at a lunch the Governor hosted for Interns last week: 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Governor Mark Dayton for allowing me to serve as an intern in his office.  I am grateful and honored to have been able to work with the most dynamic Governor of the state of Minnesota. I also want to thank all the staff in Governor Dayton’s office. I am excited to work with such a diverse group of people. I especially want to thank KT, Laura, and all the communications staff members for making this occasion a reality.

“Today, affords me the rare chance to personally thank the United States Government for making my dream come true. My quest to achieve the American dream was inspired by the divine work of God. Nine years ago, I was blessed to be chosen through the Diversity Visa Lottery, which enabled me to legally migrate to the United States with my family. Like many other immigrants, I was faced with the challenges of securing employment and housing and bridging cultural barriers. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful family that hosted me and my family and made us feel welcomed to Minnesota. 

“Soon after settling into a home of my own, I faced many challenges, which affected my family. Despite these trials and tribulations, I never gave up. I chose to persevere and aspire to greater things. Now, I want to inspire the youth – especially people of color. I want them to know that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can achieve your American dream, if you believe in the beauty of your dream. You can make it to the top and achieve anything you want if you plan accordingly and work hard.

“As Martin Luther King Jr. so famously declared in his I Have a Dream speech, this is the time to inspire young people to dream great – aim high. This is the time to show we love and care for each other. This is the time to promote love and unity in our diversity. This is who we are “One nation under God”

“I thank God for allowing me to be here today to express my gratitude to all of you and bringing me thus far. God bless the United States of America.

“My name is Mac Eze Nwachukwu, and I thank you for your time.”

Nwachukwu will graduate this semester from the Network Administrator/Analyst program at Hennepin Technical College. 

To learn more about internship opportunities with the Office of Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Tina Smith, and to apply, visit: 

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