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Minnesota: A National Leader in Health Care

7/15/2014 10:14:43 AM

Congratulations Mayo! Rated best hospital in the nation for 2014-2015. Photo Credit: Joao Ferreira

This week, Minnesota again demonstrated why our state is a national leader in health care. New Dayton Administration reforms launched in 2013 to provide better care at lower costs have saved more than $10.5 million in just one year. And today, Mayo Clinic was named the best hospital in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

This news comes after Minnesota saw a more than 41 percent decline in our uninsured rate - giving our state the second-lowest uninsured rate in the nation. And last month, Minnesota ranked first in the nation on AARP's long-term care scorecard, demonstrating our state's commitment to providing high-quality care to disabled and older Minnesotans.

Read more below:

  • Nation-Leading Reforms Save $10.5 Million in First Year
  • Mayo Clinic Ranked Best Hospital in the Nation
  • Minnesota's Uninsured Rate Drops More than 40 Percent
  • Minnesota Has Best Long-Term Care in the Nation

Minnesota's new, nation-leading approach to delivering better quality health care at lower costs is paying off. In the first year of a pilot program announced by the Department of Human Services and Governor Mark Dayton in 2013, six health care providers serving 100,000 Minnesotans spent $10.5 million less than projected - cost savings that will benefit Minnesota taxpayers.

What Governor Dayton is saying:

"Some people talk about reform. We do it. Minnesota is the first state in the nation to implement these cost-saving reforms - and we have proven that this new approach delivers results. I thank the health providers who have partnered with us on this initiative, making it possible to deliver better care to over 100,000 Minnesotans."

Today, Mayo Clinic achieved the highest honor in U.S. News and World Report's ranking of top hospitals, making it the best hospital in the country. Mayo Clinic earned more number one rankings than any other provider, ranking number one or number two in 11 of the 12 specialties based on reputation, services and volumes, safety and clinical outcomes.

What Governor Dayton is saying:

"These rankings reaffirm what millions of patients and doctors around the world already know: Mayo Clinic offers the best medical care in the world. Thanks to the wise investment made by our State Legislature in the development of a Destination Medical Center, I am confident Mayo will continue its tradition of excellence into the future. Congratulations, Mayo!"

Watch what Mayo Clinic President and CEO Dr. John Noseworthy is saying:

The University of Minnesota released a new study showing that 180,500 Minnesotans have gained access to quality, affordable health insurance. Minnesota's uninsured rate fell by 41%, thanks in large part to the implementation of new health reforms. At 4.9%, Minnesota's uninsured rate is the lowest it has been in state history, and the second-lowest of any state in the nation.

What Governor Dayton is saying:

"From offering the lowest health insurance rates in the nation, to securing the lowest uninsured rate in state history, health reform is working in Minnesota. Today, 180,500 more Minnesotans have affordable access to quality health insurance. We have more work to do to help ensure all Minnesotans are covered, but this report demonstrates that health reform in Minnesota is headed in the right direction."

Minnesota's efforts to help older adults and people with disabilities live at home and receive high-quality services have earned our state the ranking of "Best Long-Term Care in the Nation." Minnesota was named first among states on the 2014 State Long Term Services and Support Scorecard, sponsored by the AARP, the Commonwealth Fund, and the Scan Foundation.

What Governor Dayton is saying:

As Minnesotans, we believe in providing our parents, grandparents, and people with disabilities the best possible care. I thank the many thousands of Minnesotans, who have worked very hard over the last several years to provide the high quality services upon which our citizens depend.


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