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Governor Dayton Proclaims “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

10/2/2014 10:14:43 AM

Governor Mark Dayton has proclaimed October to be "/governor/assets/domestic.violence.awareness.month_tcm1055-114233.pdfDomestic Violence Awareness Month" to honor victims, celebrate survivors, and support efforts to end the violence. Despite increasing awareness of domestic violence, it remains a problem in Minnesota and across the United States. Last year, more than 63,000 Minnesotans sought assistance from domestic violence programs. But, that number reflects just a small fraction of victims - with only one-in-five victims seeking help. Overall, one-in-three Minnesota women has been a victim of domestic violence.

Since taking office, Governor Dayton has been committed to mitigating domestic violence. Working with the Minnesota Legislature, the Governor has made new investments public safety initiatives designed to help protect Minnesotans:

Strengthening Domestic Violence Laws - In 2013, Governor Dayton and the Minnesota Legislature strengthened Minnesota's domestic violence laws by increasing penalties for individuals who violate restraining orders or use electronic communications to continue harassing victims.

Investing in the Courts - The Governor and Legislature also invested additional resources in Minnesota's domestic violence courts in 2013. These specialty courts are designed to address traditional problems of domestic violence by increasing cooperation between the courts and social services, and by more closely monitoring perpetrators.

Protecting Victims from Gun Violence - Governor Dayton signed legislation in 2014, which passed the Minnesota Legislature with broad bipartisan support, banning individuals convicted of fifth-degree assault, domestic assault, and domestic assault by strangulation from carrying firearms.

Providing Victims Peace of Mind - In 2014, the Governor and the Legislature required the Department of Corrections to provide domestic violence victims with their abuser's zip code when they are released from prison. This allows victims to develop better plans to keep themselves and loved ones safe.

Speeding the Arrest of Perpetrators - Governor Dayton and the Legislature created a new law in 2014 that gives Minnesota law enforcement 72 hours to make a probable cause warrantless arrests when the perpetrator has fled the scene after committing domestic violence.

The Governor's proclamation was requested by the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, which provides resources and services to victims of domestic violence. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women offers a 24-hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line hotline (866-223-1111) to report abuse or seek help.

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