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Governor Dayton’s bonding bill makes major investments in Greater Mankato area

2/20/2014 10:14:43 AM


Photo Credit: Flickr User Aaron Landry

Governor Mark Dayton has proposed a jobs bill that will make critical investments in infrastructure projects across our state, and create an estimated 27,000 jobs. The Governor's bonding proposal would make major investments in key projects in Mankato and surrounding communities. Some of those projects include:

Mankato Civic Center and Ice Arena. The Governor's proposal recommends investing $14.5 million in the renovation and expansion of the Mankato Civic Center and Ice Arena. While many Minnesotans may know it as the home of Minnesota State Maverick hockey teams, the center also is critical to the regional economy - hosting conferences and regional events. Since it was first built, more than 80 businesses have started or expanded in downtown Mankato adding more than 520 new jobs, while retaining an additional 400 jobs.

Making this new investment in the Mankato Civic Center will help ensure this shovel-ready expansion and renovation project moves past the planning stage. Doing so will deliver big benefits for our state, including:

  • An additional $50 million of economic activity in the Greater Mankato region
  • More than 450 construction jobs, resulting in an $84 million economic impact on the region's economy

South Central College. Governor Dayton understands that Minnesotans need access to a world-class education to be prepared for the jobs of the future. That is why nearly 25 percent of the Governor's bonding proposal invests in higher education projects, including $7.5 million to renovate science, technology, and engineering, and math facilities at South Central College in North Mankato. Making these improvements will help Minnesotans develop the skills they need for great jobs in health care, computer technology, and agribusiness.

St. Peter Security Hospital. The Governor's bonding bill proposes about $56.3 million to improve residential, program, and activity facilities at the Minnesota Security Hospital. He also recommends an additional $7.4 million to split the campus into two distinct areas and free up more space at the sex offender facility. This change will improve the physical safety of the patients and staff members working there. These investments also will strengthen existing facilities and improve Minnesota's capacity to treat the individuals who need it most.



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