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#87in86: Governor Dayton visits “Water Wise” Andover High School

10/7/2016 10:48:22 AM

Governor Dayton speaks to a student assembly at Andover High School
On the trail of the 87 Counties in 86 Days tour, Governor Dayton visited Andover High School in Anoka County this week to congratulate students and staff on helping Andover to take first place for a city of their size in the Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. Governor Dayton has called for a “Year of Clean Water Action” in Minnesota, encouraging all Minnesotans to take action to conserve and improve water quality.
Governor Dayton and Andover High School students
When Andover High School students learned that their city consumed more water than any other suburb in the state, they knew they had to do something. Together with school leaders and Mayor Julie Trude, they encouraged Andover residents to take the My Water Pledge and make a commitment to conserving energy and water. They promoted ways to “be water wise,” including carrying a reusable water bottle, taking shorter showers, and limiting sprinkler use, among others. 
Because of their efforts, Andover saw more pledges than any other city in the country for those with a population of 30,000-99,999 residents. Andover students have also worked to promote clean water access internationally by raising money to be put toward building wells in India. 
Governor Dayton and Andover High School students
During Minnesota’s Year of Water Action, all Minnesotans are encouraged to take steps to preserve and protect our water for future generations. Learn more about how you can make water-saving changes to your daily activities and take the Governor’s water pledge here. Show your support on social media with the hashtag #WaterActionMN.
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