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Emergency School Aid: A Parent’s Wish List

5/10/2018 4:20:53 PM


Governor Dayton holds a drawing that reads, “Dear Governor Dayton, Thank you for believing kids are important.” The drawing was given to him by Isla, a student at Talahi Community School


All parents want to ensure that their kids receive a quality education, And Deqa Yussuf is no exception. Yussuf’s two children attend Talahi Community School in St. Cloud, which she calls “a wonderful school.”

Unfortunately, St. Cloud Public Schools face a $4 million budget deficit for the 2018-2019 school year, and the programs that Yussuf and her children love at Talahi may be at risk of being cut. 

That’s why Governor Dayton is urging the legislature to pass $137.9 million in one-time Emergency School Aid for schools across Minnesota. Governor Dayton’s proposal would provide additional, needed state funding for school districts in every corner of the state, including St. Cloud.


Deqa Yussuf 

So what could Emergency School Aid do for schools like Talahi Community School? Yussuf has some ideas for programs and resources that she would like see available to her young learners. Here’s what she had on her wish list:

1. Mental health resources for students in need of support

2. Smaller class sizes, so teachers can provide more one-on-one attention to students

3. Co-teaching for math classes, so teachers can team up to better reach individual students

4. One-to-one technology, so students can learn using 21st century devices

5. An activity room, where students can learn while playing and staying active

6. A “Smart Room,” where kids can participate in brain-boosting activities

What improvements would you make to the schools in your community?
Contact your legislators today and ask them to support Emergency School Aid to make more wishes come true for Minnesota parents and students. 

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