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After 8-Year Wait, Rochester Mayo Civic Center Expansion to Be Completed

6/13/2014 10:14:43 AM

gmd_mayo_civic_center.jpgThe expansion of Rochester's Mayo Civic Center has been eight years in the making. And thanks to the Jobs Bill passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Mark Dayton last month, the project is finally on track to be completed. The Jobs Bill enacted this session provided $35 million to complete the remaining work on the project. The Civic Center expansion is expected to create more than 1,000 new jobs, including 700 construction jobs and 300 permanent positions. In the decade after the project is completed, the expanded Mayo Civic Center will add an estimated $370 million to the Rochester Area economy.
The expansion project will add 188,000 square feet to the facility. The improved Civic Center will also help Rochester attract events and medical conventions from around the world - complementing the region's Destination Medical Center initiative.
"This investment ensures that Rochester has a world-class civic center to go along with a world-class medical center," said Governor Mark Dayton. That means more people coming to Rochester, staying here longer, and spending more money at stores and businesses in the area - it's a win for everybody.
"The Mayo Civic Center Expansion project to add a Convention Center Addition will provide a tremendous boost to the area economy," said Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede. "Our projections show an increase in economic impact of $370 million over ten years. Included within that is an estimated $120 million in economic impact from out-of-state attendees."

"In a city on the move the expansion of the Mayo Civic Center represents the first of many new amenities that will bring people from across the state, nation, and world to Rochester, Minnesota's Destination Medical Center," said Sen. David Senjem. "This is truly an exciting and important project for our city's future and the future economic vitality of our state."

Much of Rochester's economy relies on visitors, so having a modern convention center is critical to Rochester's future. I first sponsored the legislation for Mayo Civic Center funding 8 years ago, and have watched other projects get funded while ours was left on the sidelines," said Rep. Tina Liebling. "Fortunately, Governor Dayton has been a strong supporter of this project from the moment he took office. He recognizes the importance of Rochester to the state's economy and future and I thank him for his steadfast support.

This is a great day for Rochester," said Sen. Carla Nelson. "I am pleased to have been a part of this project and to be here today to celebrate this long-fought victory for our community. The renovated Mayo Civic Center will be a great attraction for national and international conferences and conventions, adding more and more value to our state and this region.

I was so pleased Governor Dayton prioritized regional economic development through his strong bonding bill from the very start," said Rep. Kim Norton. "Passage of the Mayo Convention and Civic Center funding will benefit Rochester with both short-term construction jobs and long-term community jobs as the completed project draws more groups to our growing and vibrant city.

Other Critical Investments in the Rochester Area
Overall, the 2014 Jobs Bill signed by Governor Dayton invested $36.5 million in the Rochester Area. In addition to the Mayo Civic Center expansion project, the Jobs Bill made needed investments in higher education and water resources. These projects will create new jobs in the Rochester Area and support future economic development.
Rochester Community and Technical College - The Jobs Bill enacted by the Legislature and Governor Dayton included funding to renovate the Art Hall on the campus of Rochester Community and Technical College. The Bill also provides for the demolition and redesign of Plaza and Memorial Halls. These projects will help reduce operating expenses for the college and repurpose under-utilized space on campus.
Lake Zumbro Reclamation - The Jobs Bill also included funding to complete the engineering and dredging of Lake Zumbro, allowing Olmstead County to remove sedimentation from the Lake.
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