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Governor Dayton to host the nation’s first Tribal Youth Gathering

5/1/2018 3:11:14 PM


This summer, Governor Mark Dayton is hosting the 2018 Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering, which aims to bring together Native American Youth and tribal and community leaders from around the state. This gathering will recognize the important work that Native youth in Minnesota are doing to improve communities as well as address topics such as culture, language, history and public leadership.

Participants in the day-long workshop will be able to share their stories and work with community and state leaders to empower one another and ensure a bright future for generations to come.

“I applaud the many Native American youth who are doing tremendous work in their communities, and thank them for their leadership on this first-in-the nation effort,” Governor Dayton said. “I encourage Native American youth from across Minnesota to participate in the Gen-I Native Youth Challenge and Tribal Youth Gathering.”

This gathering is the first of its kind, and will take place on July 27, 2018 at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus. All Native American youth ages 14-24 are encouraged to apply by completing the Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) Challenge by June 30 and pledging to make a positive impact on their communities.

This initiative was created by the Obama Administration to improve the lives of Native American youth through community engagement and national dialogue to ensure that all Native youth are able to reach their full potential.

Native American Youth who plan to attend the July 27 Gathering must first complete the Gen-I Challenge by June 30, 2018.

To complete the Gen-I challenge, youth must work within their communities and local tribal youth councils to make a positive impact on their communities. Here’s how to become a youth ambassador:

1.     Challenge – Fill out the form here with specific issues you want to focus on and how you plan to make a change. This step serves as your application to the Tribal Youth Gathering and makes you eligible for leadership opportunities even after the gathering.

2.     Act – Within 30 days of taking the Gen-I Challenge, youth should work in their communities and with local tribal youth councils to complete the volunteer project and take steps make positive change in their area.

3.     Capture – Youth should write about their Gen-I Challenge projects and capture their work in a short summary, video or with photos.

4.     Share – Youth can share their stories online using #MTYG and #IAmGenI, and tagging @genindigenous on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

5.     Participate – By taking and completing the Challenge, youth may be invited to participate in the Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering on July 27.

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