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HouseWednesday, February 17, 2021 3:00 PM      

Commerce Finance and Policy

Location: Remote Hearing
Chair: Rep. Zack Stephenson


HF600 (Winkler) -Cannabis Management Board and advisory councils established; use and sale reports required; adult use and possession limited and legalized; business licensing, inspection, and regulation provided; testing and labeling of products required; advertisement limited; adult-use sale taxed; grant and loan programs established; data classified; and money appropriated.

**PLEASE NOTE: Testimony, amendments, and discussion will be limited to provisions of the bill within the jurisdiction of the Commerce Committee. The provisions are as follows:

Article 1
Section 1 – definitions
Secs. 2 and 3 – establishing the Board and Advisory Council
Secs. 4 to 6 – specific duties of the Board
Sec. 7 – duties in relation to environmental standards
Sec. 8 – lawful use and penalties
Secs. 9 to 36 – licensing and operation of adult use market Secs. 37 to 50 – medical cannabis program
Sec. 51 – testing
Secs. 52 to 54 – packaging/labeling/advertisement
Secs. 55 and 56 – social equity applicants and community renewal grants
Sec. 58 – lawful activities
Sec. 59 – civil “dramshop” actions

Article 4
All sections – various grants

Article 7
Sec. 1 – cannabis business data
Sec. 2
Sec. 6-18
Secs. 23 to 25 – transfer of medical program and task force

Article 9
Sec. 1, sub. 1 – appropriation for Board
Sec. 1, sub. 7 – appropriation for Dept. of Commerce

Testimony to the bill, from the author and the public, will be limited to the first 45 minutes of the hearing.

To request to testify, please email the Committee Administrator at as soon as possible. To submit written testimony to be included in the official record, please email the Committee Administrator no later than 4:00 pm on Thursday, February 18th, at

This remote hearing may be viewed via the House webcast schedule page:

*NOTE: HTV 1 and HTV 2 will provide live closed captioning. Video archives of meetings streamed on HTV 3, 4, and 5 will have closed captions added. Other reasonable accessibility accommodations may be made with advance notice.

If you have questions about the accessibility of remote hearings or require an accommodation, please contact Jenny Nash at: or by leaving a message at 651-296-4122. PLEASE DO NOT contact Jenny regarding agenda items, testimony, or the substance of the hearing.

This remote hearing is taking place pursuant to Rule 10.01, which you may view here:

Any meeting documents will be posted on the House Commerce committee website at

Committee Documents:
Agenda w/Jurisdictional Breakdown
HF 600 Author's Amendment - A3
HF 600 - A2 Amendment - O'Driscoll
AFSCME - Letter of Support
Bergman - Letter of Support
HF 600 Bill Text
Burriss - Letter of Support
Carey - Letter of Support
Coats - Letter of Support
Minutes - 2/16/21
Cregeen - Letter of Support
Hewitt - Letter of Support
House Research Summary - HF 600
Kotrba - Letter of Support
Malak - Letter of Support
McNearny/Blair - Letter of Support
MLBA - Letter of Support
MMA - Letter
MN Chamber of Commerce - Letter of Opposition
SAMMn - Letter of Opposition
UFCW - Letter of Support
Wilson - Letter of Support
Winge - Letter of Support
Webster - Letter of Support
Daub - Letter - Other
MN Trucking Association - Letter of Opposition
Banker - Letter of Support
L'Esperance - Letter of Support
DCDC4RC - Letter of Support
Simatic - Letter of Support
Stresnak - Letter of Support
NORML - Letter of Support
Thomas - Letter of Support
Harcus - Letter of Support
Ponce - Letter of Support
Sensible Change MN - Letter of Support
Elsner-Brown Written Testimony
Wright Written Testimony 1 of 2
Wright Written Testimony 2 of 2
Ondler Written Testimony
Madrid - Written Testimony
Madrid - Written Testimony
Maslowski - Written Testimony
Wilken-Simon - Written Testimony
Robinson - Written Testimony
Jensen - Written Testimony
Hagen - Written Testimony
Stresnak - Written Testimony
Ideka Letter of Support
MHLN Letter



The Legislature will be in recess for the Easter/Passover holidays beginning end of day, Friday, March 26, 2021 through Monday, April 5th, 2021. Legislative activity may resume at 8:30 A.M. on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021.
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